The Double Victory Campaign first appeared in The Courier during the time of World War 2. Blacks were supposed to fight for the needs of America and Americans, however, they were still discriminated against at home. They wanted to receive full rights for citizenship and to be treated equally. If they were fighting for a country, they wanted the rights of everyone else in that country as well. They were fighting against Hitler and fighting for being accepted as equals. The Double Victory Campaign became known all over the nation. In the blink of an eye, numerous black newspapers all over America were supporting the campaign and trying to make a difference. Issues such as discrimination in the army against blacks were one of the biggest things that triggered the Double Victory Campaign. They were made to do jobs no one else wanted or jobs that made them out to be inferior, such as serving other soldiers. This was because some parts of the military didn’t want blacks placed in their branch. Because of this few blacks even were able to join into the military. Blacks also had to deal with harassment, segregation at home and not being able to vote.

This campaign was started by a man who goes by the name of James G Thompson. James wrote a letter to the editor of The Courier, this letter was entitled "Should I Sacrifice To Live 'Half American?'". During that spring, the Double V Campaign became apart of The Courier, permanently, by doing that the paper was filled with pictures of people adding on to this campaign. A written example of the paper is shown below

"To make democracy a fact and not a dream is the aim of William Adams, salesman in a New York Men’s furnishing store, who is pictured here with Seymour Kay, a white shipping clerk. They are supporting the "Double V" campaign."
-The Courier, Feb. 28, 1942
The newspaper blew up with multiracial pictures. They moved from all blacks in the newspapers and put some white supporters into the news paper. They even had a picture of a black male and a white mail standing next to each other holding up two fingers in the shape of a V. This movement became world wide. People started making clubs and drives off of this movement or so called campaign. Announced on April 4th, 1942, five new black published newspapers were invented:
1. The Washington Tribune (DC)
2. The Challenger of Columbus, (OH)
3. The Aiken Journal (SC)
4. Interracial News Service (NY)
5. The Voice (NY)

On October 24th, 1942 a poll was established and it said the following, "DO YOU FEEL THAT THE NEGRO SHOULD SOFT PEDAL HIS DEMANDS FOR COMPLETE FREEDOM AND CITIZENSHIP AND AWAIT THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS?". 88% said No, 2% said Yes and 2.1% said that they were not sure.

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