The Abolitionist Movement Project

The Abolitionist Movement
Like other political struggles, the Abolitionist Movement was comprised of many individuals and groups who each got involved for different reasons. These activists often disagreed about what strategies to use and what ending slavery would mean. Some believed that the rights of full citizenship should be extended to African-Americans, while others sought only to end their enslavement.

This week we will take a closer look at the Abolitionist Movement. After completing research on the key people, groups and events that shaped this period in American history, you will create a media project that demonstrates your understanding of the many goals of the movement and how strategies and positions changed over time.

Mix In These “Main Ingredients”
The Black Press & Organizations
The White Abolitionist Press & Organizations
Frederick Douglass
William Lloyd Garrison
Henry Highland Garnet
Missouri Compromise of 1850 & the Fugitive Slave Act & Reactions to It
Dred Scott (Decision)

Choose any Three “Additional Ingredients”

Sojourner Truth
David Walker*
Maria Stewart
Mob Violence
Elijay Lovejoy
The Tappan Brothers

Uncle Tom’s cabin
Great Postal Campaign
Free Labor/Free Soil
Kansas-Nebraska Act
John Brown

The project includes the following:
1. You can make create a documentary, a Voicethread, a Vuvox, or a digital timeline.
2. Please include at least two primary sources. If at all possible given the format you choose, please narrate a portion of one of these primary sources.
3. Hand in a written script.
4. A reflection paper in which you outline the decisions you made regarding what additional topics you included and why. Also explain why you chose the particular primary sources and photos.

Research and Production Resources
Text – Chapter 9 (p. 281) and Chapter 10 (p.311) - “Resource Bank Index” - “Resources – Online” – digital timeline tool